New Innovative CB, Ham, Amateur, Shortwave Wire Antennas


Mobile Antennas with NEW Innovative constructs miles Ahead of the Competition in transmit.

WIRE ANTENNAS – Radio Antenna Designs with NEW Innovative constructs miles Ahead of the Competition in transmit.


Choosing a mobile CB antenna made easy, because the information below makes it so. In this report we show the various types of CB antennas.

The first part of choosing an antenna depends on the type of vehicle/mounting you have.  

If you are supplanting a mobile radio and antenna to a boat or fiberglass RV, you once needed a special type of antenna called a “no-ground-plane” antenna. Now advanced high performance wire dipole engineering leads DX race. New innovative Ham, Amateur, Shortwave stacked wire antennas and wire mobile CB antennas require a metal surface preferably a minimum of 9 feet by 9 feet (called a “ground plane”) in order to work properly.

Boats and fiberglass vehicles lack a proper ground plane. A no-ground-plane antenna or an antenna with a built in ground plane is specially designed for these applications. You can find these mobile antennas at WIRE ANTENNAS INC, truck stops and places that sell boating and RV accessories. They typically mount using some kind of bracket, except for the glass-mount type.


If you are using a CB radio in your home, you will need a base-station antenna mounted on your roof. You do NOT want to use a mobile antenna. Mobile antennas are designed strictly for vehicles and will not work properly for base-station use. And any kind of indoor antenna will get truly lousy range. New innovative Ham, Amateur, Shortwave wire antennas and wire CB antennas.  

Base-station antennas and new advanced wire antennas and wire CB antennas use the same type of mounts as TV antennas. Since the cable run can be rather long, it is best to use RG8 cable which has low loss. Base station antennas are available from a variety of vendors. Try browsing on the internet.


A mobile magnet antenna means just what it says. A large magnet keeps the antenna on the car. The magnet has a plastic covering so that it does not scratch the paint. The new advanced wire antennas and mobile wire CB antennas can be mounted on the roof or the trunk, but roof mounting provides better mobile performance.

The cable is brought inside the car, and the door or trunk is closed over the cable. Or the cable can be brought in through the window. Magnet mount antennas are quick for mobile install, easy to remove, and are easily transferred from one vehicle to another.


The trunk clamp mobile antenna on the edge of the trunk lid. It is usually along the front of the lid, just behind the rear window. It can also be along the side edge of the lid. No drilling is required.


This is the place to choose if you want to use one of the really long whips. You can also a fiberglass antenna to the bumper. It will be necessary to drill a hole for the mobile aerial. 

If you use a fiberglass antenna, choose one that extends at least a foot above the roof of the vehicle. Bumper mounts are more difficult to install on vehicles with plastic bumpers.


Popular on trucks, the mirror antenna clamps onto the mirror bracket. Plastic mirrors won’t work, the mirror must have a metal bracket.

 In addition, it is important that the mobile antenna clamp gets grounded to the vehicle. If the door is fiberglass, it will be necessary to run a ground wire to the antenna clamp. A minimum 16 gauge wire is recommended, connected to the nearest ground point on the chassis.  


A rack antenna clamps onto the rack above on the roof. After mounting, the antenna cable is brought inside the vehicle or the cable can be brought in through the window. Buy Rack CB Antenna Here at WIRE ANTENNAS INC.


A glass mount antenna mounts to any window on the vehicle. It is a permanent and should not be to any glass that rolls down or swings open. This type of antenna is short, and looks similar to a cellular phone antenna.

The new advanced Ham, Amateur, Shortwave wire antennas and wire CB antennas is mounted on the outside with double sided tape, and a small box is mounted in the exact same spot inside the vehicle with double sided tape. The antenna should not be over any metallic tint or over defroster lines.

Because of the short antenna and some signal loss through the glass, this type of antenna is one of the poorest performers. But it does offer a solution if other mounting methods are not acceptable. The glass antenna is a no-plane antenna, and is therefore suitable for mobile fiberglass vehicles and boats.


Dual antennas (also called co-phased antennas) are popular, more for mobile looks than for performance. They are typically using mirror mounts. This type of configuration provides increased range to the front and rear, and reduced range to the sides.

For proper co-phasing, the new advanced Ham, Amateur, Shortwave wire antennas and wire CB antennas should be mounted approximately 9 feet apart.

This limits the application to large trucks; your typical pickup is too narrow to provide 9 foot spacing. Co-phased antennas require 75 ohm cable (rather than the 50 ohm cable used for single antennas). Actually for overall use, a single antenna works just as well.


These are hard to find, but there are AM/FM/CB combination antennas. There is also a splitter device available which allows using the AM/FM antenna as a CB antenna, thus achieving the same result.

There is no unsightly CB antenna, just the regular AM/FM antenna. But this is one of the worst performers for CB use. Using the AM/FM antenna compromises CB performance.

Antenna Designs with NEW Innovative mathematical constructs miles Ahead of the Competition in transmit.

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